Medium Bristle Brush with Cleaning Spider.

Medium Bristle Brush + Cleaning Spider Set

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A Medium Bristle Brush with Cleaning Spider.

Medium Bristle Brush features lightweight cork handle and wooden barrel that absorbs heat helping to minimise damage to your hair. Natural bristles stimulate the scalp to help distribute natural oils in your hair to condition throughout.

Bristles are 65% first cut boar hair mixed with 35% carbon mono filament for strength and rigidity.

Diameter of the brush is 55mm

Medium size brush is ideal for shorter bobs and styles looking to achieve bounce and movement in the hair.

Our brush cleaner gently clears bristles of hair, dust and products build up, so your brush will last longer and remain fresh and effective.

Our cleaning spider is made with stainless steal prongs and Oak handle sourced from non-endangered forests. 

Suitable to clean any brushes. 

Customer Reviews

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Game changer

I have shoulder length frizz prone hair & I didn't realise quite how good these brushes were until it took me an hour and 15 minutes (compared to my usual 30 minutes) to dry and curl my hair. The brushes smooth and defrizz and I'm now praying they come back in stock so I can get a small one for my fringe!

My round medium bristle brush.

I used to have a bristle brush which got lost whilst moving house and I really missed it. When my new brush arrived I was delighted, I was able finally to control my fine hair and the condition seems to improve daily. I am actually thinking of ordering a larger size as my hair is growing well into a bob. I am so happy to be reunited with my bristle brush, worth every penny.