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Large Round Boar Bristle Brush




Large Bristle Brush features lightweight cork handle and wooden barrel that absorbs heat helping to minimise damage to your hair. Natural bristles stimulate the scalp to help distribute natural oils in your hair to condition throughout.

Bristles are 65% first cut boar hair mixed with 35% carbon monofilament for strength and rigidity.

Diameter of the brush is 65mm

Large size brush is ideal for any hair between bob lengths and very long hair looking to achieve silky smooth and bouncy blowdry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fabulous brush

Helps give me great blow dry and glossy hair - I love it

Wonderful brush

I have been using the brush now for about two months. It is absolutely amazing. I am not the best at blow drying my hair but with this brush it looks like I have just come out of the salon. The blow dry also last longer. The condition of my hair has also improved since I have been using the brush. I will never use another brush and have thrown out all my other hairbrushes.

A great find

I have very thick hair and never imagined a bristle brush would go through my hair. However is does and it is very gentle on my hair. You don't have to pull to shape hair, the brush seems to do it for you. I am finding drying my hair effortless, despite having a lot of it. I would highly recommend this brush.

Every day can be a good hair day

This brush can truly make every day a 'good hair day'. After a girlfriend said she wouldn't go anywhere without hers, I had to try for myself. Well, I couldn't believe the difference, the brush is lightweight and so easy to use, it's made my hair look fuller and leaves it with a beautiful shine. It looks as though I've had a professional blow dry and just walked out of the salon. I never write reviews but am so amazed by the difference this brush has made and how many times people have told me how nice my hair is looking, that I felt I had to share it with other women.

Amazing brush

I have long hair but very fine so I have to be careful what I use on it. I have to say this brush exceeded my expectations. It is so gentle on my hair, yet so effective. It makes it silky smooth and I am able to get a lot of volume in my hair that lasts! Quite amazing. One thing I would say, it takes a couple of goes before it “breaks in” but then is so so nice, don’t want to ever use any other brush. Thank you bristle brush.

Large Round Boar Bristle Brush

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