5 Key Tips to Recognize the Best Boar Bristle Brush

5 Key Tips to Recognize the Best Boar Bristle Brush

Boar brushes for centuries are known to create soft shiny & silky hair. But not all Boar bristle brushes are the same. They actually have different styles and features. Each boar brush suits a different hair type and it’s also designed to satisfy certain hair needs.

Choose the Best Brush for Your Hair

Let’s check on some tips for you to identify and recognize what are the features of a perfect boar bristle brush!

Tip #1 This brush made of wild boar bristles must adapt to your scalp’s contour. The boar bristle brush must be rounded negatively to your head’s shape. This is to make sure that its pressure is evenly distributed on your scalp when brushing.

Tip #2 This boar brush must come in handy. It must have a nice handle that will give you a good grip. Our boar brushes have a lightweight cork handle and wooden barrel. It means that absorbs heat which helps to minimise damage to your hair

Tip #3 The bristles of your boar brush should be of different lengths. Better blood circulation is a benefit you get from longer bristles. It because it easily goes through the hair layers during brushing. Shorter bristles remove hair deposits. These deposits are usually what we get from products that we apply to our hair.

Tip #4 Boar brushes are not enough to just stroke the hair. Its bristles must be hard to allow proper massaging of your scalp. Stiffer nylon bristles can penetrate more easily through the hair layers. That results in an effective brushing process.

Tip #5 Make sure that the Boar brush is a genuine product. Its bristles must be made from 100% boar hair if the seller claims that it’s “100% pure boar bristles”. This should be the case since the law forbids false claims.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

A Boar Bristle brush stimulates the scalp and distributes ‘sebum’ on your hair. This adds shine to your hair while promoting healthy hair growth. You can achieve all these benefits if you make sure that you get an authentic boar bristle brush.

And where can you find these hairbrushes? The Bristle Brush Company - London can provide you with the hair brush that uses real boar bristles. It’s natural boar bristle brushes help to minimize frizz, add volume and shine to your hair.

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