The Anatomy of a Perfect Brush

The Anatomy of a Perfect Brush

Selecting the best brush to care for your hair will surely give you not only the best results but more good hair days. As you can see, picking the right brush is no easy task that is why The Bristle Brush Company did the examination so  you can soon get the perfect hair brush. Understanding the make-up and composition of a hairbrush can surely solve and prevent future hair problems.

The Three Components of a Perfect Bristle Brush

HANDLES:  As brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, holding it needs to be an easy task. Narrow Wood and Plastic handles are difficult  to grip especially when hands are wet or damp which can even cause fatigue. This is the fundamental reason why The Bristle Brush Company has created a boar bristle brush with a handle that is made up of an incredible lightweight cork handle which is a lot easier to handle even with damp hands.

BARREL: To measure curling, the size of the barrel matters. You need to be able to rotate the  brush  1 1/2 times or more around the barrel to create just a single curl. A metal, copper, or ceramic barrel can heat up and cause damage to your hair. The Bristle Brush Company has a brush with a mahogany barrel which can absorb heat, minimizes damage to the hair and shortens blow drying time.

BRISTLES:  This can be either made of nylon, boar or mixed. Bristles are the most important feature of your hair brush. To simplify, its bristles must be firm but gentle to your hair so as not to break it. Natural Boar with nylon tends to be strong and firm to penetrate and control hair strands. Top-quality boar brush can be checked by running your fingers through the brush to feel the resistance of the bristles. The perfect boar bristle brushes improves hair texture, and reduces frizz while stimulating your scalp for a well-conditioned, healthy hair.

Check Your Bristle Brush

As hair brushes differ as they all have  their unique features, it is essential to know that if you have no idea of the components and characteristics that make up the best hair brush then it will be so difficult  to identify what really works perfectly on your hair. 

These key points will ultimately help you narrow down the list before actually purchasing your new Boar Bristle Brush. 

How about checking on some perfect brushes?  Improve your hair texture, keep it soft and silky! 

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