Oil be back: why an oily scalp isn’t strictly a bad thing for your hair

Oil be back: why an oily scalp isn’t strictly a bad thing for your hair

For many of us, an oily scalp can seem like a constant blight, whatever we attempt to do to banish those surplus oils. Often, they can be accompanied by greasy-looking hair, leading us to jump into the shower in the hope of washing away those oils. Well, it would remove them - right?

Yes - but, unfortunately, it can leave your hair strands discernibly dry and brittle, too. The real problem isn’t really the oil, but instead where it is. Allow us to explain...

Why the usual hair-brushing advice is back to front

You are probably more than familiar with advice that you brush your hair strands starting at the ends before working your way up. Now, this is a good way of detangling your hair, but your hair-brushing shouldn’t end there. Once the detangling is done, you should brush again - except the other way around...

Yes, that’s right - from the scalp through to the tip. That’s because, in doing this, you will be distributing those supposed nuisance oils along the full length of your hair, allowing them to act as a kind of serum that reduces frizz and leaves your hair noticeably shinier.

Another bonus of brushing the scalp: it can stimulate blood circulation. As Allure reports, dermatologist Dr Sapna Palep explains that, as your blood circulates further around the body, more nutrients can reach your hair and, in this way, help to promote its growth.

Does the brush you use make a difference?

Perhaps surprisingly, yes. You might have bought your current brush simply because it was discounted at the local store while assuming that all hairbrushes essentially do the same thing. However, swapping a standard brush out for a boar bristle brush can immeasurably help you to restore your hair’s sheen. 

The unique design of a boar bristle brush, like one ordered through our online store here at The Bristle Brush Company, makes it especially suitable for helping you to transport that otherwise pesky oil right across your hair and as far as the tip. Place your order today and look forward to reinvigorated hair! 

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