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Sophie Wiltshire founder bristle brush

Our founder Sophie Wiltshire started her hairdressing career in London at the famous Harrods store, It was here her passion for the perfect blow dry was instilled in her.  Wooden boar hair brushes were all stylists chosen tool as they offered the client a  blow dry with perfect results and a blow dry that would last.

Sophie's sister had given her a gift of a bristle brush when she started at Harrods and it was the only brush she ever used.  

However in 2007 Sophie’s beloved brush became threadbare and it was time to pop to the shops to replace it.  This became a challenge as hairdressing had changed and the fast fix brushes were available, thinking it was time to move with the times she purchased many brushes, but the results were heat damaged hair and blow dry’s that just didn’t last.  Straighteners were never an option as why burn your hair even more. 

Her quest was to find the perfect brush and she went on a mission until she found a company that had lovingly hand made brushes in a coastal village in Spain. 


bristle brush production, hand made brush

They worked together to perfect her model and in 2013 The Bristle Brush Company was born.

With help from her sister Georgia it didn’t take long for the brush to get into top stylists hands being used at London Fashion week and being tweeted and the buzz started within the industry.

The press got sight of this fabulous brush and the benefits for the hair, and within the year Hello magazine, Hair magazine, your Hair, hairdressers Journal, creative head and even The Daily Mail wrote that we were the best brush for the frizz free blow dry.

The brush has made appearances in the celebrity world, we have had tweets for Ruth Langsford, Abbey Clancey and many more.

The Daily Mail wrote that a Boar Bristle Brush was Kate Middletons secret weapon for her hair whilst travelling in humid India and Bhutan in 2016.

We also appear regularly on QVC UK and our shows are always sell outs.


bristle brush, best hair brush, natural brush


At the end of 2016 Sophie wanted to expand the business  and take it to the next level, expanding the team and opening new doors to opportunities but with the same message, we provide a top quality brush in the most natural form for professionals and home use helping women and hairdressers to achieve maximum style and never compromising on hair condition.