Why "Normal" Hair Doesn't Strictly Demand A "Normal" Hairbrush

Why "Normal" Hair Doesn't Strictly Demand A "Normal" Hairbrush

Many of us pay close, dedicated attention to our haircare regimes. We pore over an array of hair care products, from shampoo to serum, at the beauty shop and make sure we weed out those products that look dubious or unhealthy. However, do you take the same approach to your hairbrush?

Chances are that you treat buying a hairbrush as akin to buying a fork or spoon: as long as it looks and supposedly acts like a hairbrush and isn’t too expensive, nothing else matters... right? Sadly, this nonchalance could be leading you to ruin your hair without even realising that the brush is at fault.

You need to be careful when buying a new brush

To be fair, it’s understandable why you could easily treat choosing a new hairbrush as an afterthought in your beauty regime. After all, brushes don’t exactly come with hugely descriptive labels - unlike, say, that shampoo or serum we mentioned earlier. Therefore, how are you supposed to carefully assess a brush?

It all starts with determining what type of hair you have and how you would like to improve it. While there’s no guarantee that just one particular brush will work miracles regardless of your hair type and problem, there is one brush that nonetheless comes close: the boar bristle brush.

What can a boar bristle brush do for you?

We get it: we love your hairstyle, whether it’s straight, curly or just “normal” - whatever that really means. Relax - regular brushing with a boar bristle brush won’t change your hair’s style. It will simply improve what’s there - for example, by making straight hair shinier or conditioning curly hair. 

All in all, it will leave your hair noticeably more textured, helping that hair to be the best version of itself. The brush will remove dirt, dust and debris and redistribute your scalp’s natural oils - that scalp’s sebum, to use the more technical term - across the hair, visibly enlivening it. 

You can take your pick from a wide range of boar bristle brushes that are in our stock. All of them are lightweight, durable and made from sustainable wood in a traditional fashion by our family-run firm.

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